COVID-19 counts are shrinking, more and more people are getting vaccinated, and things are opening up!! This is all good news for us.

And even though being the epicenter of an infectious disease outbreak would be SO ON THEME for the wedding, we love you all too much to let that happen. So, if conditions change for the worse, we are absolutely prepared to postpone the event until it is safe to have it.

The venue is outdoors, which helps.

Masks / Vaccines

You should obviously wear your HALLOWEEN MASK. But….

We’ll take a look at CDC guidelines as the event draws closer and clearly communicate our expectations so everyone in attendance can know what to expect regarding face masks.

If you would feel more comfortable wearing a mask no matter what the world likes at that time, please feel free to. We like to think the folks in our circles won’t give you any grief for that, but if they do, we will personally throw them into the Punishment Coffin® and we can dance to the Monster Mash on their grave.

County Specific Information

The wedding venue is located in Merced county and most of the nearby restaurants and lodging are in Stanislaus county. As such, we are paying close attention to COVID-19 counts and regulations for both counties. We will post any relevant information here so that we can party all-night worry free.

Stanislaus County Information

Here is a general link to Stanislaus County Guidelines for Covid-19:

Here is some data for Stanislaus County if you’re a glutton for punishment.

Merced County Information

Here is a general link to Merced County Guidelines for Covid-19:

Here is some data for Merced County if you hate spending your free time care-free.